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Companions allows you to create your own companions for your players. Want a reaper? Make a reaper.

Lottery Pools

[Over 6,000+ DOWNLOADS on both Spigot on Bukkit!]
Lottery Pool allows you to better manage your server economy by allowing players to take in lotteries that are automatically made every (configurable) minutes.


Potion Creation allows your players to create potions with their choice of effect(s) with a fee! Supports up to 14 effects in one potion.

Command Regions

[Over 1,400+ DOWNLOADS on both Spigot on Bukkit!]
Command Regions allows you to easily execute commands/send messages when entering/leaving a region using a built-in region creator.

Doraemon Discord Bot

Official Discord bot for the Astero Development server! - Offers advanced ticketing system, and many more.

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More Plugins Coming soon!

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